Bath & Body Works Pure Paradise Body Lotion | Review

Bath & Body Works Pure Paradise Body Lotion

I love mild refreshing fragrances, extra emphasis on the word ‘mild’. I have a very sensitive nose and somehow a lot of products tend to irritate my nose. But I’ve got to admit trying new fragrances is refreshing and this is where my love for Bath & Body Works products begins. Every time a friend or relative returns from the US I ask them to pick up any product from B & B and this time I got Bath & Body Works Pure Paradise Body Lotion. Read more to find out if the fragrance really takes you to paradise.

The product claims to “Infused with Shea Butter and our exclusive Daily Moisture Complex, our enhanced lotion contains more of what skin loves, leaving it feeling incredibly soft, smooth and nourished. Fortified with nutrient-rich ingredients like protective Vitamin E and conditioning Vitamin B5, our fast-absorbing, non-greasy formula delivers 16 hours of continuous moisture.

KEY FRAGRANCE NOTESPure paradise in a bottle! A summer-chic blend of sparkling star fruit & ocean-kissed frangipani blossoms.

USAGEAdd a generous amount to palm and smooth over skin.

Top Notes: Juicy Star Fruit, Juicy Guava, Dewy Cassis

Mid Notes: Luscious Gardenia, Dewy Frangipani Blossom, Water Lily

Dry Notes: White Musk, Blond Woods, Sunkissed Coconut.

Bath & Body Works Pure Paradise Body Lotion

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My Experience with Bath & Body Works Pure Paradise Body Lotion

I love cocoa and shea butter fragranced body lotions. But most of them are rather heavy for summers. When I was rummaging through my body lotion stash I found Bath & Body Works Pure Paradise Body Lotion that I had received as a gift few months back. The product has a standard Bath & Body Works style packaging – transparent plastic with a press open for dispensing the product. The packaging is quite sturdy that you can carry it in your bag and not have to worry about any product spillage.

Bath & Body Works Pure Paradise Body Lotion

The fragrance of Bath & Body Works Pure Paradise Body Lotion is quite mesmerizing. When I first sniffed the product I wasn’t too sure what I smelled, but all I knew was that it was amazing and I loved it. The body lotion is quite light making it perfect for summers. I normally use this body lotion at the end of day and the fragrance relaxes me giving a feeling of a mini spa session. Just incase you like using body lotions during the day, you’ll be happy to hear that this does not feel sticky or leave a greasy feeling on the skin. The body lotion also has the goodness of Jojoba oil and shea butter. Coming to the cons – Bath & Body Works products aren’t that cheap when purchased in India and there is also the presence of parabens. I am totally going to ignore these 2 facts and pick it up online as the fragrance is AMAZING! This is definitely my absolute favourite body lotion for summers and I will definitely repurchase it.

Bath & Body Works Pure Paradise Body Lotion

The Good

  • Loaded with the goodness of jojoba oil and shea butter
  • Non-greasy and gets absorbed into the skin easily
  • Doesn’t leave a sticky feeling and works perfectly for summer
  • Sturdy packaging which is easy to use and travel friendly
  • Has a mild fruity totally mesmerizing fragrance

The Bad

  • Contain parabens
  • Expensive when purchased in India

Overall verdict: 4 / 5 (P.S. just repeating – the fragrance is totally amazing)

Price: $11.47 for 236ml available on Amazon

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    1. Thanks Sonali. I really wish it wasn’t priced as highly in India. We would be able to explore more products but sadly we have to pick and choose as the rates are high, higher, highest 🙁