Basics of Using Eyelash Curlers

A number of women out there do not know the basics of using an eyelash curler and that’s okay because who’s a pro at everything? And when it is makeup related, women keep getting better thanks only after multiple trials and errors. So here’s taking you through basic steps to using the eyelash curler. While curling your lashes makes a big difference to your overall look, using it efficiently is what counts.

Step 1: Start when your lashes are absolutely clean, dry, and have no mascara on. Open the eyelash curler and, keeping your eyes open; place your upper lashes between the two sides.

Step 2: From the inner corner of your eye, position the curler as close as possible to your eyelid without pinching your skin. When your lashes are tucked inside, gently hold the curler together.

Step 3: Hold for a couple of seconds and then repeat if necessary, moving outward to curl the entire lash line.

Once you’ve mastered this, make sure you follow these dos and don’ts for your eyes to look stunning and absolutely alluring.

Basics of Using Eyelash Curlers

The right time to use mascara

Even if you are in a hurry never ever make the mistake of wearing the mascara first and then using the eyelash curler. Not only does this make your lash curler extra gunky, it can also damage your lashes. When mascara dries, it makes your lashes harder and less flexible. Curling them when they’re in stiff  can lead to breakage of your lashes. Benefits of using mascara after using an eyelash curler mainly are to give your eyes that dramatic effect!

Replacing the pads

Once you’ve made full use of your eyelash curler, the little pads inside the lash curler tend to get dirty. Hence, make it a habit of purchasing replacement pads and swapping in a new one every few months.

Go easy on your lashes

Makeup is good and if you want to have long, healthy lashes, make sure you’re applying just the right amount of pressure while curling your eyelashes. Pressing down way too hard can not only give your lashes a weird 90-degree angle bend rather than a realistic curve but can also break your lashes. A high-quality curler won’t require you to press too hard.

How to clean your eyelash curler

Like every makeup product, your eyelash curler needs to be clean too. If you’re always curling your lashes before applying mascara, there’s a chance that eyeliner, eyeshadow, bacteria, and dead skin cells are getting all over it. To maintain that hygiene level, make it a habit of pouring a little rubbing alcohol onto a cotton pad and wiping it down at regular intervals, like once in a week.

Good quality eyelash curlers for the way

If you’re using an eyelash curler make sure it’s of good quality. Using something that’s not very efficient has its own set of cons. Using low-quality ones only harms your delicate lashes – no one wants to get their lashes ruined. At your beauty go-to website,, treat yourself to an array of beauty products including eye curler online. Trust brands like NYX, Colorbar, M.A.C, Inglot and much more to give you efficient and good quality eyelash and eyelash curlers priced at its best. Don’t spend time overthinking on an eyelash curler price, click the link and start filling your cart at Nykaa!


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  1. Thank you so much for this post. I recently tried eyelash curler for the first time and I didn’t know we gotta change the pads and all *faceplam*

    1. Definitely. These are great even if you don’t add mascara. But they add the extra bit of oomph to the lashes when applied with mascara.

  2. I don’t use eyelash curler and didn’t even know how to use it to curl lashes. Thanks for sharing the info

  3. Great manual for use! I practiced for several days before I could curling my eyelashes fast and correctly.