Basicare Hydro Moisturizing Socks | Review

Basicare Hydro Moisturizing socks

Do you take care of your feet well? I try to do my best or do little and claim I am doing my best :D. With everything I put my feet through, they become tired and dry by the end of the day. They need the additional boost to become soft again. While I use foot creams regularly, I was hoping to use something a little extra. And hence came Basicare Hydro Moisturizing Socks.

The product claims to “Made of special fabric of lycra, these socks are one size fits all. Instead of your skin salve disperse into air or rub off on bed sheets, these socks are specially designed for your feet to make the most of moisturization. Feet are left soft and smooth. Moisturizing socks are excellent for people with dry skin.

Instructions: Always wash and dry your feet first. Apply your favourite lotion and slip your feet into Hydro Moisturizing Socks to keep the moisture in 20-30 minutes each time and 2-3 times a week. For overnight treatment, apply a little more lotion for better results. After use, wash feet thoroughly with soap and water.

Care: Wash socks after each use. You could simply wash them in the washing machine. Hang dry in an airy place.

Basicare Hydro Moisturizing socks

My Experience with Basicare Hydro Moisturizing Socks

Basicare Hydro Moisturizing Socks are soft cotton socks, which claim to lock in moisture thereby making your feet soft. Let me start off by saying that these socks were not easy to get my hands on. I tried a couple of online stores and they seemed to be sold out often. I finally found this in a local store near my house.

On first look, Basiccare Hydro Moisturizing Socks look like any average socks but without any elastic band. Being ankle length socks I wondered if these would be able to stay on my feet or if they would slide out easily during my sleep. On physical appearance there didn’t seem to be anything fancy with the socks. I decided to give it a try before making my decision.

Basicare Hydro Moisturizing socks

The first day I slathered on foot cream and pulled the socks up. Let me tell you these are loose. There was no doubt that they would come off easily during the night and definitely not a good option for an overnight treatment. I still kept it on, but I’m not sure at what point during the night I kicked them out. When I woke up I was excited to check if there was any difference in my feet, but there wasn’t any. It looked and felt the same way it did when I didn’t use the socks. I gave Basiccare Hydro Moisturizing Socks the benefit of the doubt and tried it for 2 weeks straight. At the end of the 2 weeks I didn’t find any big difference or improvement to using the socks.

I can safely say that this product is what I would describe as a dud and definitely not worth investing in.

The Good

  • Washes off easily and doesn’t stain

The Bad

  • One size fits all doesn’t work so well
  • No tight elastic band to ensure the socks don’t come off
  • Doesn’t make any difference to moisturization
  • Availability can be an issue

Overall verdict:  1.5 / 5

Price: Rs. 370/- for 1 pair

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    1. I normally do that but I was looking for something that worked even better and I hoped this sock will help trap in the moisture, but it really did nothing.

  1. thank you for being so honest
    I too was wondering what “moisturising socks ” were – I thought they had some kin of lotion in it !
    thanks for this article

  2. sad this did not help…I think even if we moisturize our feet well and wear any ordinary cotton socks daily, our feet should be good 😀

  3. Thanks for the honest review, will not waste my money on such products which can not fulfil their claims, better to use a good moisturizer with a normal socks 🙂

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