Avalon Organics Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub | Review

Avalon Organics Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub

I have a weak spot for products that have some organic elements. While it is best to use all natural products, my laziness does get in the way and I resort to the next best thing – using products infused with great organic ingredients. On one such random shopping trip I picked Avalon Organics Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub. Read more to find out how it fared.

The product claims to “Slough away dull, flakey, rough, dead surface cells to uncover skin that is soft, smooth and vibrant. Fruit enzymes, finely ground walnut shell and soothing, calming botanical extracts create a gentle but effective exfoliation that won’t burn or irritate skin.

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My Experience with Avalon Organics Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub

Avalon Organics Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub is a pale brownish semi liquid with brown scrub particles in it. It has a fragrance that I would describe as weird. Weird mostly because I am not able to pin point the smell. The fragrance isn’t mild neither is it strong. I have used this scrub on my face a few times and my skin didn’t like it. For starters it feels a little too harsh for the face, and while it left my face feeling softer and brighter, it made me break out a bit. I stopped using the scrub for a few days and tried again later. The same thing persisted, my skin felt nice immediately, but soon after I had another set of breakouts. I stopped using the scrub on my face.

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While this scrub failed to work on my face, it worked amazingly on my body. It is indeed a great body scrub. I felt it exfoliating away my dry bits. My skin felt soft, smoother and had a healthy glow. What I wasn’t so comfortable with this scrub was the texture. It is quite runny and you may end up with more quantity in your hands than you intended to.

You can get Avalon Organics Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub on Amazon, but the price is way too high. Avalon Organic products are also available on iherb.com – the products may take a little longer to reach you, but they are a more affordable option. Overall, if you have sensitive or oily skin I would suggest avoiding using this on your face. However, this is a decent body scrub.

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The Good

  • Works amazingly as a body scrub
  • Leaves skin soft and hydrated
  • Imparts a mild brightening effect

The Bad

  • Can feel harsh on the face
  • Expensive
  • Not as easily available in India
  • Has a very runny texture

Overall verdict:  3 / 5

Price: Around $20 for 113 gms

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  1. If you order through iherb.com it is very cheap. I do not know how they manage that cheap shipping. This should be named body scrub. Great review!

    1. And so much cheaper when you compare it to Amazon which is listing the product over 3000! And yes, they should definitely rename it as a body scrub.

    1. It is definitely harsh for the face and a complete no-no if you have breakouts. But it works nicely as a body scrub.
      Btw what did you use to get rid of your acne scars?

    1. The brand seems to have some really nice cleansers. I’m not disappointed in this product. It works well as a body scrub.

    1. I want to try the Dermalogica one. The only thing stopping me was the price tag. Does it last a long time?

    1. The runny part is quite annoying Purva. Almost every time I end with more product that I wanted to.

    1. Thanks Lancy. Wish you a happy new year too. Glad to have you back in the blogging sphere. This brand isn’t so popular in India.

    1. Thanks Anu. I like using body scrubs. I usually make my own concoctions. But sometimes I do resort to store bought options.

  2. Ah, too bad that it didn’t work well on your face but on your body, it sounds like to work like an expert. You know what! I bought the St Ives Apricot Scrub just because of the hype and it didn’t really work well for my face either and I used it as a body scrub which btw was an awesome experience.

    Chaste & Beautiful
    Chaste & Beautiful recently posted…Newly Purchased #10!My Profile

    1. I’ve done the same thing with St Ives. If I want to use it on my face I had to use feather touch which wasn’t as easy. It works nicely on the feet too.

    1. Definitely Ela. That’s the best part of scrubs. Doesn’t work for the face use it on the body. Too hard for the body use it as a foot scrub 😀

  3. It sounds harsh on skin. For body I dont mind using harsh product 🙂 but it is a bit pricey
    Nice review

    1. I would have loved had it worked on my face. But I am glad I was able to use as body scrub. But can’t deny the price tag, it is rather high.

    1. I wouldn’t recommend it for sensitive skin. Lots of chances it might irritate your skin.

    1. It is insanely priced in India. You can definitely check out iHerb.com if you want to try their products.