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There is nothing as relaxing as a nice pampering session at the salon. You get to relax, unwind and leave the place looking awesome! Let’s get real – I don’t always have the time to pamper myself at the salon, in fact I have to plan my regular haircuts into my schedule so that I don’t miss out on it. But now and then when I have a day off I call my favourite salon in the city Plsh by Hairdressers and well pamper myself.

I’ve been keeping my hair short for the last 4 years and when you go short you never go back and I’ve been getting my hair cut by the same hair stylist (Biswajith) the entire time. Finding someone who understands your hair and you what you expect from it is quite difficult and you find that person who dare not experiment with anyone else. Biswajith always patiently listens to what you want from your haircut, how you want it to look, how you prefer to style your hair, what issues you have with your hair and recommends styles accordingly. This time I decided to get a facial and a hair treatment done at Plsh Salon.

Plsh Salon
Image Courtesy: Plsh Salon

The Customized Hair Treatment

Everyone’s hair is different. To make it more precise everyone’s hair and scalp aren’t sisters and they do often tend to behave in weird ways. My hair tends to be dry while my scalp tends to be oily – this is something very common that happens to those living in hot humid places.

I was recommended the Alchemy Treatment for my hair which has dual benefits which takes care of my hair and scalp separately. Instead of using one type of product for both and scalp and hair I was recommended two products – a clarifying and volumizing shampoo and mask for my scalp, and a hydrating one for my hair. By focusing on specific needs of the hair and scalp you ensure that they stay healthy. Plsh recommends doing this in-salon service once a month for best results.

Plsh Salon
Image Courtesy: Plsh Salon

The Rejuvenating Relaxing Facial

I got my facial and hair spa done by Dikshita who was very sweet and ensured I was comfortable and happy with my experience. She started off by asking me to fill out a questionnaire on my skin and what are my problem areas. Based on this we started to the facial, which started with a gentle cleansing to remove the gunk from my face, followed by a mild toner to remove any traces that might have been missed by the cleanser. She then followed to use a mild exfoliating scrub to remove the dead skin from the mask. Next was the best part of any facial a relaxing massage, this was followed by a 10-minute cooling mask and a serum to lock in all the moisture. She finally topped off my facial with SPF 30 to prevent any sun damage. At the end, my face looked fresh and glowing. It’s been a couple of days but you can still see the glow. To know more about my experience head to my Instagram page.

Some of the other services offered at Plsh Salon

Hair – Specialized treatment for sensitized and fragile hair to reconstruct hair fiber (Colour and chemically treated hair).

Tailor-made haircuts which starts with an in-depth consultation on the client’s hair followed by shampoo and conditioner according to the clients hair and scalp. Post haircut they advice on hair care at home.

Hair extensions to increase length and volume of hair.

Hair colour from brown to silver by retaining the texture of the hair.

Skin treatment in a scientific way via a consultation to understand the clients’ need and condition of the skin and then treating the conditions like open pores, oily skin, pigmentation etc.

They also offer services like body polish, Pedicure (Dead Sea mineral candle), manicure and nail art.

Plsh Salon is located at G N Chetty Road Chennai. To book appointment call 044-4853 3385

*Disclaimer – I was offered the services by the salon in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. My scalp is extremely oily while my hair is dry! I think this is the best place for me to get my spa done!

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