Add a tinge of green to your trinket box | Pick Peridot for your 2017 Look

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Meet the sparkling green beauties in the global trinket box – The Peridots. The green resplendent stunners with a tinge of sparkling gold, have found their way into the hearts of the jewelleryholics. Reflecting many hues of green and possessing myriad healing properties, these stones have become a favourite of many a diva today. Peridot gemstone jewellery suits all occasions, and can help you make an effortless transition from the ceremonial office look to the jazzy party avatar. Here’s what makes Peridots the hottest picks this season.

Get on duty with Peridots

Along with qualifying as the gemstone of style, Peridots are said to ward off negative vibes. So, slip this beautiful ‘gem of the Sun’ onto your finger to stay positive. Embellished with diamonds in the halo setting and set on an 18 Kt white gold base, this latest ring design will help you don the perfect attire for business meetings and formal luncheons. Along with the elegant ring, you can also put on the trio-drop Peridot pendant to look work-ready with a tinge of glamour. And much to your relief, these tokens of glitter can be paired readily with all types of formal outfits like, wide-collared shirts, scoop-neck tees and pencil-skirts.

Photo credit: CaratLane
Photo credit: CaratLane

Hang out with Peridots

Post office, when it’s time to party and have fun, Peridots can turn your besties. Glam up with Peridots to rock the right evening look. You may choose from the exquisite range of Peridot jewellery available online on jewellery e-stores like to feel perky from within. Peridot jewellery for women is the latest fashion trend taking the market by storm. We suggest you pick splendid rings, pendants and neckpieces from the exotic range available online, and team them up with your frilly middies and fancy jumpsuits for a fun evening with your gang. Take for instance, this dual butterfly gold ring and the 18Kt white gold pendant from the house of CaratLane. These ravishing pieces are versatile and would complement your look for all occasions.

Photo credit: CaratLane
Photo credit: CaratLane

Date the Peridot

An evening date with someone special is naturally a significant occasion. But, you may put yourself in a dilemma when it’s time to make choices for outfits and accessories. But, fret not! We have picked up this elegant pair of Peridot earrings from to make things easier for you. Put these awesome pieces to feel pretty from inside.

Photo credit: CaratLane

Indulge in Peridots

When it’s the occasion to attend someone else’s wedding, often gold jewellery becomes the preferred choice. Match the glittering gold with the exuberance of Peridot. Take this gold necklace for instance. This piece can be teamed up with any outfit of your choice and help you sport an Indian attire or a western gown with striking elegance.


Photo credit: CaratLane

Even celebs like Kate Middleton are not untouched by the invigorating glitter of Peridot gemstone. Recently, she was spotted wearing a pair of Peridot stud earrings that did full justice to her stately charm

Photo Credit: Kate Middleton

Fashion forecast confirms that Peridots are here to stay. Peridots are not just ravishing but come with many healing properties. The hues of green and the sparkle of gold team up to radiate the aura of this gemstone. So, why not just go with the colour of the year and embrace the sparkle with a difference!

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