The name behind the brand

The blog is run by Sangeeta & Rachita. Two people who have a fascination with everything the world of beauty has to offer.

Sangeeta the founder of  BeautyNyx was born and raised in Chennai. She has a background in Advertising and stumbled into writing and beauty blogging by chance. She didn’t know she had flair or penchant for writing till one of her friends insisted she write freelance for a UK based magazine. Since then she has written for NXG, The Hindu and has had articles published in the India Today. Apart from writing, she enjoys catching the latest movies in theaters and listening to music.

Rachita has always been fascinated by products and their packaging and it came as no surprise when she found her calling in the field of advertising and worked on major FMCG brands in India. After moving to Maryland, USA a few years ago her eternal quest to discover the gems in the beauty industry here grew. For her, there’s no greater bliss than splurging and exploring various kinds of products (shopaholic alert!). Take her to a nearby Sephora or any beauty store and she goes into the a-kid-in-a-candy-store mode. She has sensitive skin but that hasn’t discouraged her from all the experimentation. She has been spoilt for choices in the US of A and hopes to help fellow beauty enthusiasts with her trials, experience, and reviews. She tries to keep her ears and eyes open and is always on the lookout for great deals on anything beauty. Apart from my beauty adventures, she loves DIYing Décor and has a newfound passion for home organization.

From time to time BeautyNyx also has freelance writers sharing their reviews and views on products.

How BeautyNyx.com started

While Sangeeta was writing freelance, little did she know that she would start her own blog. It started with an article on one of her favourite blogs seeking for guest writers. She immediately jumped on the wagon and became a regular writer on her blog. It was then that she realized that she loves makeup and skincare, and enjoyed sharing her experience. This laid the platform for her very own beauty blog and slowly from that passion came BeautyNyx.com. As the blog grew she knew it was time to bring more people in and increase the brands BeautyNyx reviews – thus Rachita who is Sangeeta’s college friend, exboss and mentor  came on board.

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Nyx is the beginning of creation, a start to something beautiful, and the reason behind the name of my blog. This is a blog that stands for all things beauty and covers a wide array of topics. BeautyNyx caters to anyone interested in reading about latest launches, product reviews, makeup tutorials, DIY hacks and more.

The blog was officially launched on the 22nd of August 2015. According to Alexa rank, BeautyNyx ranks at 2.47 lac globally and 21,000 in India. BeautyNyx also has the presence in leading Social Media sites. Both fans and media partners can connect with us on the below Social media sites.

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To know more on how BeautyNyx works, please go through the Privacy Policy. If you wish to contact me, please visit Contact.

Last updated on 27th April, 2016.