A touch of Chic

When looking for the latest fashion, it is easy to get inundated with the vast amount of options. From men’s footwear to tops for women, old and new designs are flourishing and a new blend of styles, textures and shapes are waiting to be added to your wardrobe. Browse the latest brands and collections in an informed manner and pick up the fashion that speaks your language and augments the rest of your wardrobe.

Browse the Latest Loafers

Loafers for men are very versatile and stylish while holding on to that basic comfort element that makes them so endearing and popular. Laceless and low, these can be great casual accompaniments and the low heel results in a laid back comfortable gait. There are many ways to pull off that loafer look. You can wear your loafers sockless with a pair of trendy, ideally light coloured shorts, for that fresh summer vibe. Top it up with a smart polo or a Henley shirt. Wear your loafers with dark denim, a solid fitting tee and a sports coat for a sophisticated smart casual look. Solid loafers can go with checked pants and a white shirt, a throwback look that is sure to make heads turn. Tan colours and smooth leather textures are the most popular and you can look for embroidered leather for a more classic look. Other tones to look for include ivory white or light grey, black, maroon and combo colours. Tasselled loafers have been a charming favourite for generations and you can add a bit contemporary chic by opting for a denim loafer.

Some of the hot brands when looking for men’s loafers include San Frissco, Red Tape, Carlton London and ID Men. Abof Men has a large range of differently styled loafers, from the traditional tan colours and black to lighter and more vivid tones.

A touch of Chic
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A Wide Selection of Ladies Tops

Perfect for almost every occasion, the top is an essential part of the wardrobe. The basic design of this garment allows it to be a canvas for many styles, colours and textures. From sexy cold shoulder pieces to regular fit t-shirt inspired designs, there is a vast array of styles to choose from. Hooded tops are ideal for a relaxed casual setting and printed tops on light shades are another casual favourite. Indian ethnic designs are making their way into this rather Western wear, adding more vibrancy and splash. Some other popular prints include the Aztec print, stripes and light checks. Boxy fits are a common choice but you can also choose a belted top or one with a tight midriff for a flowing bottom. Tie-up tops are great with a pair of denim hot pants. Your tops go perfectly well with distressed denim and attractive flats. You can also wear them with jeggings or joggers and sneakers. Some of the hot brands include Pantaloons Ajile, Annabelle and Bare Denim labels, Ginger by Lifestyle, abof Women and Femella.

When online shopping now, you are also part of a more personalized experience and have access to some really cool features. Sites like abof have introduced 3D change rooms for the perfect fit and customized content offers shoppers a chance to discover new looks and outfits. Explore the latest trends and add to your wardrobe.


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  1. I’ve browsed through the abof collection earlier too and love their wide range… Love shopping online these days with the hassle free services available

  2. I haven’t shopped from abof.com ever. Reading your article and looking at the picture I am definitely tempted. Thanks for sharing.