Foundation Tips & Tricks

The only things that most of the women notice in the red carpet events are, designer dresses and the flawless makeup, done by experts.

Flawless foundation and perfectly done makeup is a dream of every woman, which could really come true if some basic steps are followed. The first and foremost step is to find the best product according to your skin tone and skin type. I have shared many tricks for finding the perfect foundation for your skin, but if you still feel confused you can ask your beautician for some advice.

Applying Perfect foundation to your face doesn’t always end up in flawless look. There are some tricks that are needed to be followed for desired results. I have been testing many tricks for a very long time and found some of them very successful. So, today I am going to share those interesting tricks with you, beauties.

Foundation Tips & Tricks
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Prepare your skin

Always prepare your skin before applying makeup. Scrub your skin deeply to remove dead skin cells and dirt. After scrubbing, wash your face with cool water and apply water based moisturizer or toner. This will tighten your skin, adds shine and makes your pores less visible.

This should be done at least two hours before starting makeup. You will feel great difference after using this trick.

Right Primer

‘Like dissolves like’, this is a basic scientific rule that we all have studied in our primary classes. This rule applies to our primer and foundation as well. If you have dry skin and you choose oil based foundation, then the primer must be oil based as well or if you have oily skin and you choose water based foundation, then your primer/moisturizer must be water based as well. This is the basic thing that must of us never notice but plays an important role in making your foundation last longer.

Right Applicator

Myth: ‘Applying foundation using finger tips help the foundation to blend easily and penetrate skin giving natural glow’

Myth busted: Our finger tips have a large number of fine blood vessels that provide heat to the foundation and helps it to melt. Most of the people assume that this melted foundation is easy to apply and sets better than the one applied with sponge. Yes, it is easy to apply with finger tips but you cannot get even coverage with fingers. As a result, you get patches on your face.

The trick is! Use foundation brush or sponge instead of fingers. These applicators are perfect for blending in the product and consumes less time as compared to traditional methods.

Powder First

It sounds crazy, but yes, applying setting powder prior to foundation helps foundation last longer. Setting powder absorbs excessive oil and covers large area of skin. After this, your skin requires less foundation and you only need to cover the uneven parts.

This trick may not be suitable for all skin types so you need to try it at home to avoid any unwanted results.

Downward strokes

We all have peach fuzz on our face and its natural. But sometimes it becomes more visible after applying foundation and you start thinking you need facial wax. But dear you don’t need it at all! this simple trick will solve your issue.

Whenever you apply foundation always apply it in downward strokes, because your peach fuzz is in downward direction and applying foundation this way will not disturb it.

Final touch-up

Always give a final touch up before leaving your house. Mist your face with a setting spray for long lasting coverage or you can dust your T-zone with loose powder to avoid oily or greasy look.

Blotting paper

This is your secret friend. You should always keep it in your purse before leaving house. Blotting papers absorb excessive oil that cumulates with foundation and creates unnecessary greasiness. This should be used instead of cake powders to avoid cakey look.

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